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Teeth Whitening in Dubai

In general, three conventional methods can be used for Teeth Whitening in Dubai. Composite veneer or composite cover, laminate or ceramic tooth cover and tooth bleaching. It can be said that bleaching is the most risk-free way to whiten teeth. In this method, the teeth change color by two or three degrees, depending on the type and intensity of yellowness. This color change is by no means as great as the laminate and composite method, and it can only whiten the teeth with less intensity.

However, in order for bleaching to be more successful and effective, it is recommended that it be done in several stages. White teeth create a special effect on a person’s beauty and increase self-confidence. Of course, the types of bleaching materials and methods are different, which exist in two general modes: bleaching at home and bleaching in the dental office. If you are also looking for a teeth whitening in dubai, you can make sure that this method is suitable for you by visiting Alma’s dentist clinic in Dubai.

Discoloration Of Teeth Before Opting For Teeth Whitening in Dubai

Discolored teeth are one of the most common problems faced by dentists. This is necessary even for those who think that their teeth are white and normal. Because food pigments change the color of teeth over time. It becomes more important in cases where the patient’s teeth have become acutely discolored due to genetic reasons or the use of certain drugs and have negatively affected his beauty.

In order to obtain the desired result in tooth bleaching or laser teeth whitening Dubai, the dentist must fully understand the cause of the discolored tooth and recognize that this is very important in success, because the treatment method is differentiated according to the cause

The Most Important Causes of Teeth Discoloration

  • Taking antibiotics and fluoride
  • Tooth decay
  • Smoking
  • Using colored drinks such as tea, coffee, etc.
  • Age increasing
  • Lack of proper oral hygiene

What is Teeth Bleaching

Teeth Bleaching is one of the most professional and popular methods to whiten teeth, which effectively removes stains and discoloration on teeth. Bleaching creates white and clear teeth for the person with the least risk and danger. After examining and identifying the cause of tooth discoloration, the expert dentist performs the tooth bleaching method with the best solution. The main ingredient in laser teeth whitening Dubai is hydrogen peroxide, which causes the oxidation of pigments deposited between the enamel pyramids and destroys them. Over time, this substance penetrates the lower parts of the enamel in the dentin and makes its color brighter and causes the teeth to become whiter. There are two general methods to whiten teeth with bleaching, which are different in terms of steps and cost of teeth bleaching, which you can check out below:



    Benefits of Teeth Bleaching

    We can consider the following advantages and benefits of Teeth Bleaching in dubai at Alma Polyclinic:
    1. Bleaching in the dental office can be the fastest way to whiten teeth.
    2. During the bleaching process, there is no pain or discomfort for the patient.
    3. This method does not cause any damage to the teeth.
    4. The cost of bleaching is less compared to other similar treatment methods.
    5. Teeth whitening with the help of bleaching increases self-confidence.
    6. If laser teeth bleaching is done, in addition to shortening the treatment time, there will be no sensitivity for the patient

    The Cost Of Bleaching & Teeth Whitening in Dubai

    Several materials affect the final cost of teeth bleaching. But nevertheless, this method is much less expensive than other similar treatment methods. Factors such as the expertise and skill of the dentist, the type of bleaching method, the cost of the materials used, etc. are effective in the price of teeth bleaching.

    To check the price of teeth whitening & bleaching in Dubai and at Alma Polyclinic, it is better to contact us and have a free consultation with Dr. Homa ShahAkbari.


    Pre-Bleaching Measures

    Before bleaching, we need to repair decayed teeth. We should know that bleaching has no effect on fillings, veneers, laminates and yellow areas of the root caused by gingivitis.

    Before bleaching, performing calcification (if there is calcification) and brasage leads to better results.

    Types of Teeth Bleaching Methods

    1. Home Bleaching

    Bleaching and Whitening of Teeth is done at home under the supervision of a specialist and by the patient. In this method, the dentist prepares a precise mold of your teeth and thin and transparent plastic trays are made from the prepared mold in the dental laboratory. In this plastic tray, a suitable space is provided between the tooth and the plastic device in which you place the bleaching gels according to the dentist’s instructions. Finally, after a few weeks and after using the corresponding gel according to the dentist’s recipe, the teeth will reach the desired whiteness. The gel used in this method has a concentration between 16 and 20%. It is usually recommended to put the tray in the mouth at night and take it out the next morning.

    2. Office Bleaching (In our clinic in Dubai)

    In this method, the dentist first uses a special gel to cover the gums for protection, and the patient’s lips are pushed aside by a special mouth opener and completely protected. Then the bleaching material (special bleaching gel) is placed on the teeth with high concentration and carefully. Then, with a special bleaching device (which produces high-frequency and blue-colored rays), the rays are irradiated to the teeth, and this process is repeated several times, and finally, this ray activates the bleaching gel and makes it more effective.

    Duration of Teeth Bleaching At Alma Polyclinic

    Bleaching treatment can be done in one hour session. But according to the expert dentist’s examination, some people may need to do teeth bleaching in 2 or 3 sessions to get the desired treatment result.

    Durability of teeth bleaching

    Bleaching by a specialist dentist and the patient’s attention to the dentist’s recommendations can make the bleaching last for about 1 year. Drinking a lot of strong coffee and tea, smoking, using a lot of soft drinks and not paying attention to oral and dental hygiene reduce the duration of bleaching. It should be noted that bleaching is a treatment that must be repeated several times so that the color of the teeth remains white permanently.

    Disadvantages of Teeth Bleaching

    Although laser teeth whitening Dubai with the help of bleaching has many advantages and if a skilled dentist does this, no problems will arise for the patient, but still there are disadvantages that are mentioned below:

    • Placing whitening materials on the teeth in the dental office causes some irritation for the person, and the treatment process progresses according to the person’s pain tolerance threshold. Of course, a specialist dentist helps to reduce the incidence of allergies by placing gum and mouth protectors.
    • Tooth sensitivity is one of the most common problems after teeth bleaching. After teeth whitening, a person’s teeth may become sensitive to hot and cold foods, which is temporary.
    • Teeth bleaching cannot make the teeth very white and bright, and in fact, people should not expect laminate from bleaching.
    • In general, about two out of three people experience tooth sensitivity during laser teeth whitening Dubai. That is, the contact of their teeth with the outside air and hot and cold liquids causes them to be offended. This sensitivity is a temporary condition and there is no need to worry. If the sensitivity does not go away, see your dentist.
    What is bleaching?
    teeth whitening (bleaching) at alma polyclinic in dubai

    Post Care After Teeth Bleaching

    After bleaching your teeth, in order to increase its durability and longevity, it is necessary to follow the recommendations of your dentist, which we mention below:

    1. Tooth sensitivity on the first day of teeth whitening is normal and can be resolved with the help of painkillers. Also, to reduce these sensitivities, you can use anti-allergenic toothpaste, & of course, consult your dentist first before using them.
    2. To prevent inflammation and swelling, wash your gums with warm water.
    3. If you are using the bleaching method at home and you have tooth sensitivity, stop using it every other day and if the sensitivity persists, go to the dentist’s office.
    4. Avoid smoking and alcohol.
    5. Do not eat very hot or very cold food.
    6. Consuming colored drinks such as coffee, tea and carbonated drinks can change the color of the teeth. So, help by consuming them and be sure to wash your mouth with water after drinking them.
    7. Do not eat acidic foods.
    8. One week after teeth bleaching, visit the dental clinic so that the dentist can examine the condition of your teeth.
    9. Follow your oral and dental hygiene more seriously and regularly and be sure to rinse your mouth with water after consuming colored foods.

    Patients typically see a noticeable improvement in tooth brightness in just one session, with the entire procedure taking around one hour.

    Yes, the BT Cool treatment may be more suitable for patients with sensitive teeth as it contains a lower concentration of hydrogen peroxide and additional ingredients such as potassium nitrate and fluoride to help reduce sensitivity.

    Some patients may experience temporary tooth sensitivity or gum irritation following the procedure, although these side effects typically resolve on their own within a few days. It is important to follow the dentist’s instructions for post-treatment care to minimize the risk of side effects.

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    What is bleaching?
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