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What is Hollywood Smile?

Hollywood Smile Dubai at Alma Polyclinic. The makeup technique known as the Hollywood Smile involves placing temporary acrylic veneers on the teeth of Hollywood actors during filming. The temporary veneers are glued on while acting and removed after a few hours.

The technique earns its name from the unique, beautiful smiles of Hollywood actors. Having a Hollywood Smile can greatly enhance a person’s overall appearance and is desirable for a good laugh.

A Hollywood Smile is a complete makeover of one’s smile, which involves a full prosthetic reconstruction of both jaws using caps, veneers, and often dental implants.

This includes placing dental crowns on all teeth, or at least on all visible teeth in both jaws, including premolars. The term originates from the famous film Mecca and evokes the image of whitened teeth of Hollywood celebrities.

The Importance of a Hollywood Smile At Hollywood Smile Dental Clinic

Our dentists at Alma Polyclinic – A leading Hollywood Smile Dental Clinic in Dubai believes that Smiles play a crucial role in portraying one’s personality and highlighting one’s charisma. Despite societal trends that impose certain standards on us, having a full set of teeth greatly impacts our lives. Teeth, in addition to their function, serve as an indicator of our overall physical and mental health.

Recognizing the significance of our teeth in our social lives, the demand for cosmetic dentistry and Hollywood smiles has risen dramatically in recent years.

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Hollywood Smile Design

One of the most important things in Hollywood Smile can be considered the way of smiling, in this regard it can be said: Having a proper smile through Hollywood Smile Design can have the greatest impact on beauty, and for this reason, you must be able to present the best smile.

Do it and without a doubt, the inability to present a beautiful smile cannot reveal the beauty of your face. Hollywood Smile Design is done in different ways, each of the methods has its own unique features and its type should be recognized by a specialist dentist.

Among the smile design methods, we can mention: veneer or composite, laminate, dental implant, bonding, teeth whitening, coating, bleaching, etc.

Cost of Hollywood Smile in Dubai

Hollywood smile costs in Dubai vary depending on individual requirements and chosen treatments. On average, prices can range from AED 5,000 to AED 30,000 or more.

    Durability of Hollywood Smile Design and It’s Beauty

    One of the most important questions that occupy many people’s minds is how long the smile design will have. In this regard, it should be said: It is not possible to accurately consider the duration of time for the durability of the smile design and the work done on the mouth, and without a doubt, it is the care of the teeth that will increase its durability, and in case of lack of care, Your teeth will quickly return to their original state.

    But some things will need to be repeated after a while, for example, teeth whitening will need to be repeated and your teeth may turn yellow after a while, in which case you should whiten your teeth again.

    You should note that in the case of dental implants, Make sure to pay attention to its material, because porcelain teeth are of poor quality and may break or chip, in which case you will need to replace them.

    If you put dental veneers for 10 to 15 years, you will not need to take action and you can enjoy the beauty of your teeth.

    At Alma Polyclinic, you can experience the best services and the Highest Quality Hollywood Smile Dubai. Get in touch with us for further details!

    Types of Hollywood Smile

    • Hollywood smile with composite veneer
    • Hollywood smile with ceramic laminate coating
    • Hollywood smile with Lumineers coating
    Hollyood Smile in Al Wasl Road
    hollywood smile

    Application of Hollywood Smile

    • Covering chipped teeth
    • Removing stains and changing the color of teeth
    • Fixing gaps and gaps between teeth
    • Irregular teeth

    What is the Process of Making a Hollywood Smile Go Live?

    First, Dr. Homa analyzes the person’s smile after the treatment with the necessary examinations and photographs taken with the help of special software, and describes the patient’s oral problems and injuries and names the necessary treatments and methods.

    Dr. Homa explains in detail the work to each one so that the patient is justified and accepts the necessary measures to carry out the treatment.

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    Requires maintenance; longevity varies with care and lifestyle.

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