Best Pediatric Dentist in Dubai

Best Pediatric Dentist in Dubai. Oral and dental health is one of the things that has received less attention in our country and has caused serious problems related to oral and dental health at older ages. But taking care of your teeth and oral hygiene should happen from childhood. But children’s anxiety and stress from dentistry has made parents look for the best pediatric dentist in Dubai, UAE or the best children’s dentistry.

How To Choose The Experienced Pediatric Dentist in Dubai?

You might be thinking to yourself, what is the difference between a pediatric dentist in Dubai and a dental doctor or surgeon?

In this section, we intend to examine these differences; So that you can safely identify and choose the best pediatric dentist.

One of the important things in choosing the best pediatric dentistry in Dubai is that, in addition to dental specialties, the service seeker should be able to communicate well with children and reduce the amount of stress and anxiety on the child. Besides this, the best children’s dentistry should have an attractive and calm environment for the child so that the child can overcome his fears with play and fun.

Having different toys, colorful environments with special and attractive stickers for children can be a good way to attract children.

If we can make the child’s memory of the first dental experience sweet and attractive, we will not enter into a challenge with the child for annual and monthly checkups, and the child can easily trust the pediatric dentist you have chosen and undertake good treatment.

Best Pediatric Dentist in Dubai, Alma Polyclinic

Services Provided By Our Pediatric Dentist at Alma Polyclinic

We will provide information about the services that can be provided by the Dr. Mitra Tabari, our pediatric dentist at Alma Polyclinic. First, we will name these services and then we will explain each one separately:

  • Fissure sealant therapy
  • Milk tooth veneer
  • Denervation of milk teeth
  • Fluoride therapy of milk teeth
  • Bonding of damaged teeth
  • Treatment of gum disease in children
  • Dental services under pediatric anesthesia
  • Grinding teeth in children
  • Space saving device

Fissure Sealant Therapy

One of the reasons for children’s tooth decay is the presence of grooves in the teeth, which are very susceptible to decay. One of the ways to deal with the decay of milk teeth is to use the fissure sealant method. In this method, the depth of the tooth grooves is filled with a special medicine to prevent tooth decay at a young age.

Milk Tooth Veneer

If the root of the baby tooth is healthy and maintainable, but the crown and top of the tooth are broken, the best suggestion may be to use dental veneers. Almost all pediatric dentists believe in preserving and caring for baby teeth as much as possible. In this case, it is better to use milk tooth veneer.

There are two types of crowns for children’s teeth. One is white and the other is metallic. The strength and compatibility of the metal coating with children’s gums are greater.

Denervation Of Milk Teeth

If you also think that a baby tooth does not have nerves and roots, and therefore it does not need nerve extraction, you are very wrong. Milk teeth, like other permanent teeth, have nerves and roots.

When a child’s teeth hurt, it means that the decay has deepened and reached the root. To prevent tooth abscess, you should see a dentist.

Fluoride therapy of milk teeth

Fluoride therapy as one of the preventive measures has a great effect in reducing the caries of milk teeth. Fluoride therapy is one of the most important services to increase the lifespan of milk and permanent teeth in childhood and adolescence.

Bonding of damaged teeth

Bonding is another very important pediatric dental service to restore and create beauty in children’s damaged teeth. The materials used in the tooth bonding process are completely the same color as natural teeth.

Repair Of Caries Of Milk Teeth

Decayed baby teeth must be repaired. The baby’s molar teeth are in the child’s mouth until the age of 12-13 years, and if you don’t think about decayed teeth, the growth of the main teeth at an older age will cause serious problems. To preserve milk teeth, you must use the correct treatment methods as recommended by the child’s dentist.

Treatment Of Children’s Gum Diseases in Dubai By Pediatric Dentistry in Dubai, UAE

Best Pediatric Dentistry in Dubai, Alma Polyclinic

Being the Best Pediatric Dentistry in Dubai, we believe that you should take oral and dental hygiene seriously from childhood so that the growth of permanent teeth does not face blackness. But sometimes, due to a lack of attention to oral and dental hygiene, interdental decay and serious gum diseases occur in children, which causes problems in the growth of the child’s permanent teeth.

One of the ways to prevent gum disease is regular periodic examinations at a pediatric dentistry in Dubai. In these examinations, if the pediatric dentist notices gum disease, he will immediately treat it.

At Alma Polyclinic, Dr. Mitra Tabari, a specialist in children’s dentistry, is ready to provide you with all kinds of children’s dental services.

Children’s Dentist in Dubai

Children's Dentist in Dubai, Alma Polyclinic

One of the most important services provided by our children’s dentist in Dubai is dental orthodontics. Dental orthodontics for children is usually performed between the ages of 7 and 12. An orthodontic specialist will have a great impact in preventing deformities of the mouth, jawbone, and permanent teeth. The results of orthodontics in childhood are much more satisfactory than in adulthood. It also guarantees the beauty of your child’s teeth in adulthood.

Restoration Of Primary and Permanent Teeth

Tooth decay has various factors, for example, we can mention fracture and decay. You might think that baby teeth don’t need much care, but that’s a wrong way of thinking. Baby teeth are as important as permanent teeth. One of the reasons why we say that milk teeth also need care is that if the milk teeth are infected or broken, the child will have trouble eating. Also, his body weakens over time.

Pediatric Dentistry Under Sedation

Many children who come to clinics for simple to complex dental treatments may not have the necessary cooperation with a pediatric dentist due to their young age or fear of dentistry. In such cases, it is necessary to perform the desired treatments by a pediatric dentist during a process called sedation.

What Does Sedation Means in Pediatric Dentistry in Dubai?

Sedation creates a deep sleep state for the child that the pediatric dentist can easily carry out the desired treatment plan.

When Does A Pediatric Dentist Use Sedation?

If children have the following conditions, it is necessary to carry out the treatment plan of the pediatric dentist using sedation:

  • Children under 3 years old.
  • Children with physical and mental disabilities.
  • Children who have gag reflex problems.
  • Children who have a phobia or fear of dentistry and do not cooperate.

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