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What is Orthodontics?

Orthodontics is the first specialized field of dentistry. Orthodontics corrects jaw and facial problems. Orthodontic treatment, like other specialized fields of medicine, requires the acquisition of sufficient expertise and knowledge, an orthodontic specialist in Dubai or orthodontist is a person who acquires the necessary scientific abilities in the university to treat jaw and facial abnormalities. For this purpose, in order to receive a specialized orthodontic encyclopedia, a general dentist must complete a 3 to 4-year specialized course as a specialized orthodontic course at the university after completing the general dentistry course that lasts six years. It should be noted that a general dentist must be able to enter the specialized orthodontic course in a very tough and competitive exam among several thousand general dentists.

Dentist vs Orthodontist

A general dentist who has not completed a specialized course in orthodontics in Dubai does not have the ability, knowledge, competence, and experience necessary to treat orthodontic patients. Of course, it should be known that a general dentist has the necessary knowledge to perform simple treatments or preventive treatments with movable plaques, but complex and specialized orthodontic treatments, which are mostly placed in the group of fixed treatments. They should only be treated by an orthodontist specialist in Dubai.

What Does An Orthodontist With A Fellowship Mean?

Currently, medical and dental treatments have become very specialized, and for this purpose, many fellowship courses have been established in universities to provide orthodontists with more abilities for difficult treatments and incurable patients and jaw and facial syndromes. One of these fields is surgical orthodontic fellowship and jaw and facial deformity syndrome. Very few orthodontists can enter the fellowship program.

The Necessity Of Choosing The Best Orthodontist in Dubai

We all know that the best orthodontist in Dubai is a worthwhile investment for the future for any person because it gives them a beautiful and pleasant smile. Also, in performing the important process of orthodontics, the comfort and reliability of orthodontics is very important for every patient, because during this period, the patient has to keep the orthodontic wires with him and in his mouth for one and a half to two years.

If this orthodontic is not planned correctly or if it is improperly installed in the mouth, it may damage the oral tissue and in some cases cause the gums to tear, in this case the patient needs emergency visits by his orthodontist. These events during this period make the patient stressed repeatedly and make the patient unable to pass this important period safely. So, if you intend to make this investment, you must be careful in choosing a good and experienced orthodontist.

    What are the characteristics of an orthodontist with surgical fellowship

    What are the characteristics of an orthodontist with surgical fellowship?

    Surgical orthodontic fellowship is a course that is held after the specialization course in orthodontics in Dubai. Due to the fact that all types of medical sciences are changing and evolving daily, some doctors take fellowship courses to complete their specialized course. It is very important during the fellowship phase in an accredited center. Regarding the surgical fellowship of Dr. Jamilian, an orthodontic specialist in Dubai, this can be considered a positive point for better treatment. Because many orthodontic patients need surgery or orthognathics at the same time, and the skill of the doctor in this field is very helpful and completes the orthodontic treatment. An orthodontist Dubai with a surgical fellowship is expertly familiar with all kinds of syndromes and anomalies of the jaw and face and can make the best decision for the patient’s treatment.

    Orthodontic Specialist in Dubai, Jumeirah

    Finding an orthodontic specialist in Dubai, Jumeirah in densely populated cities is a problem for many people who care about their own or their children’s health and consider visiting a specialist doctor as a safe and logical solution for treatment. On the other hand, in these cities, although the number of specialists is large, due to the size of the city, referring to specialists may cause problems for these patients, such as additional costs and waste of time in commuting within the city. Of course, it should be known that well-informed and far-sighted patients who choose to refer to prominent orthodontic specialists have strong reasons for their choice.

    Proponents of visiting specialist doctors believe that to treat certain diseases, including orthodontic diseases, the treatment should be done fundamentally and radically and only once in the patient’s lifetime. If you go to a general dentist or other non-orthodontist dental specialists, initial and superficial treatment may be done in a shorter time or with lower costs; But in most cases, it will lead to complications and subsequent problems, which will ultimately cause more waste of time and costs, and even the problem and abnormality may remain with the patient until the end of his life without correct and complete treatment.

    Therefore, In order to find the Best Orthodontist In Dubai, Jumeirah; One should consider expertise and skill, knowledge and up-to-date science and the use of the latest treatment methods by the orthodontic specialist as the most important selection factors. Certainly, even with the view of saving time and cost of orthodontics, using the treatment methods of an orthodontic expert with such characteristics will save money and create peace and complete satisfaction of the patient in the long run.


    The Best Orthodontic Specialist In Town

    The best orthodontic specialist succeeds in entering the specialized course of orthodontics after completing the 6-year dental course in an intensive competition among a large number of dentists interested in orthodontics. In general dentistry courses, there is no opportunity and possibility to fully learn orthodontics in order to perform successful orthodontic treatment in Dubai. In the orthodontic specialization course, dentists spend an average of 3 years learning all kinds of mobile and fixed orthodontic skills.

    How To Choose The Best Orthodontic Specialist in Jumeirah

    Finding the best orthodontist in Jumeirah is very important. Orthodontics is an expensive treatment method and if not done correctly, it may cause many problems. Sometimes small mistakes may lead to the return of previous abnormalities or the development of oral and dental diseases. Therefore, to be sure that you are really visiting an orthodontic specialist, you can visit Alma Polyclinic.

    Looking at orthodontic treatments and specialists active in this field, it is possible to define indicators to define the best sample orthodontic specialist who, by providing health services and improving facial beauty, play an essential role in improving self-confidence and the quality of life of people. . Various factors affect customer satisfaction, which are tied to the characteristics of the best, good and experienced orthodontic specialist. The first priority can be considered the experience and knowledge of experts who can create the best experience for the clients by providing suitable equipment and an ideal environment. At Alma Polyclinic in Dubai, We will do our best to provide high quality services to you dear ones.

    The Best Orthodontic Specialist in UAE

    An Orthodontic Specialist in UAE is a dentist who has successfully completed a specialized course in orthodontics after completing university studies in dentistry. He/She should be selected to enter this specialized course by participating in the orthodontic specialized exam and entered this specialized course. Therefore, one of the most important features of an orthodontic specialist in UAE is having a specialized degree in orthodontics from a reputable university.

    An experienced orthodontic specialist who teaches at the university is always updating himself and the students, and being in a dynamic scientific environment has the advantage of facing current orthodontic treatment issues before other specialists and being familiar with the best treatment methods. to be

    • Regularizing and placing the teeth in the right place
    • Neat teeth for a beautiful smile
    • Correcting improper jaw and dental relationships
    • Adjusting and correcting the relationship between the teeth and bones of the head and face
    • Correction of jaw and facial dental anomalies

    As much as possible, try not to stretch the tooth during orthodontic treatment. But in some patients, the teeth are so crowded that they have to pull a tooth or teeth for orthodontic treatment. In these patients who have a lack of space, we try to extract a tooth that is decayed or has a large filling or a veneer, or a tooth that has a gum problem is removed for orthodontic treatment, and the space of the extracted tooth at the end of the treatment is It is completely filled

    A skilled and experienced orthodontist diagnoses jaw and teeth abnormalities and completes the treatment with orthodontics as much as possible. If the patient needs surgery, it is the orthodontist who refers the patient to the jaw surgery specialist at the right time.

    The orthodontic specialist has no restrictions on accepting patients. Because orthodontic treatment is not specific to a specific group and age. It is better to see an orthodontic specialist from the age of 8 for orthodontic treatment. If there is a delay in visiting an orthodontic specialist, the length of treatment may be longer.

    Orthodontic treatments are a specialized treatment. Necessary training to perform this type of treatment is not provided in the general dental course. Only an orthodontic specialist who participated in the specialization course after completing the dental course and received the necessary training in this field professionally; He can do this treatment professionally.

    A general dentist takes 6 years to obtain a general dentistry degree. After that, he participates in the specialized course of orthodontics. The specialized course of orthodontics lasts 4 years. After that, the orthodontist must pass the specialized board exam, and after passing the exam, he is recognized as a board-certified orthodontist.

    Due to the vastness of dental science, there are various fellowship fields to complete and update orthodontic specialists. An orthodontist with surgical fellowship gives more ability and knowledge to treat maxillofacial diseases and intractable syndromes. Some abnormalities of the jaw and face require surgery and orthosurgery in addition to orthodontic treatment. In this way, if your doctor has a surgical fellowship, he will offer you a more complete and better treatment plan.

    t Alma Polyclinic in Dubai, Jumeirah, we have used the best dental specialists to be able to provide you with world-class services, the use of experienced staff, modern orthodontic technologies have helped us to be able to position ourselves as one of the Introducing the best orthodontic clinics in Dubai.

    Ask the orthodontist to give you comprehensive information about the orthodontic treatment plan, the duration of the orthodontic treatment, and the tools and equipment he uses. Also, the cost of orthodontics should be proportional to the quality of orthodontic treatment provided by the orthodontist. Also research the background and experience and portfolio of the doctor and then choose the best orthodontic specialist.

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