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At the Alma gynecology clinic, the best specialists will provide you with the best services in the world class.
We always try to provide you with quality services.
So, whether you’re looking to improve the appearance of your smile or just need a regular check-up, we’re here to help.

We have used specialist doctors in this department, as well as trained and experienced nurses to help improve the quality of services at Alma Polyclinic.

Is a plastic surgery procedure for altering the labia minora, to reshape the labia for more aesthetic appearance and to help women experiencing twisting, tugging of labia, itching and irritation.

It is a type of genitoplasty Known as Posterior Colporrhaphy or vagina tightening surgery. This procedure is done for patient with significant vaginal laxity after child birth to have tight vagina to repair the it.

It’s a plastic surgery procedures used to tighten and reshape the area between the vaginal opening and the anus.

  • Vaginal Laxity

Is a sensation of vaginal looseness which may develop after pregnancy and vaginal delivery and may be affected by prior pelvic surgery, menopause and aging.

Is a cosmetic procedure to add volume to the labia majora (outer lips) for a youthful and enhanced appearance. Natural aging, decreased collagen production, pregnancy, childbirth.

  • G- Spot Enhancement

Is a non-surgical, simple, physician-administered treatment that can create more fullness to the G spot , is done by injecting hyaluronic acid or PRP in the G-spot area so you can experience a more profound and more intense orgasm.

  • Vaginismus Treatment

Its relaxation techniques, mindfulness, breathing and gentle touching exercises to help you learn to relax the vaginal muscles, and it’s a short procedure where muscle-freezing botox injections are administered and massaged into the vaginal.

  • Bikini Area Lightening

Is a procedure that involves using topical creams, chemical peels, or laser treatments with the intent of lightening the skin around the bikini area, While its most commonly called vaginal bleaching.

Alma Gynecology Clinic in Dubai

At Alma Polyclinic, we have provided you with expert Gynecology specialists and the best Gynecologist in Dubai and exceptional and support staff so that you can receive quality services.

In gynecology, the demands of patients are diverse and thanks to new and diverse methods such as vaginal and pubic lift or montage, it provides the possibility of improving and rejuvenating the appearance of female genital organs.
Alma Clinic Gynecology Department in Dubai aims to improve your sex life.

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