No.1 Cosmetic Dentistry in Dubai, UAE

At Alma Dental Clinic, teeth whitening, braces, veneers, dental implants, dental veneers are provided in our dental department. The good news is that the dental team under the supervision of Dr. Homa Shah Akbari is a specialist in cosmetic dentistry.

Alma dental team offers you world-class services, all our services are with the latest methods and the latest dental technologies, our whole goal is that any service is satisfactory for you.


Hollywood Smile

Have you ever thought of a Hollywood smile? This is one of the popular methods of smile beauty in cosmetic dentistry that is offered in our clinic in Dubai, you can get one of the most popular methods of smile and teeth beauty.

Gum Contouring

Changing the color of the gums has various causes, you can use the method of changing the color of the gums with a laser to correct the dark parts of the gums and lighten the color of your gums, this service is also one of the beauty dentistry services that help to make your smile more beautiful. he does .


Dental veneers can greatly help the beauty of your smile and teeth, today 3D veneers can be attached to your teeth in the shortest time to witness a beautiful smile, you can try our 3D dental veneer services.